Quinntessentials SolarPlexus/Manipura Roll-On .33oz

Quinntessentials SolarPlexus/Manipura Roll-On .33oz

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This item has been discontinued and is no longer available


The Quinntessentials SolarPlexus/Manipura Roll-On stimulates the 3rd Chakra, the Hara or Manipura (Sanskrit for "lustrous gem"), by blending together essential oils to encourage the ego with the will to bow to the divine within.


  • Organic roll-on can be applied directly to skin.
  • Made with natural ingredients.
  • Made in San Diego by certified herbalist/aromatherapist and yoga teacher, Julie Quinn.


  • Ingredients: Organic essential oils of lemongrass, ginger, grapefruit, and clary sage, suspended in organic sunflower oil.
  • Size: .33 oz

Country of Origin

  • usa icon Made in the USA.

About This Brand

Julie Quinn started making organic alternatives to products we use every day over 15 years ago. She is passionate about health and wellness and loves finding ways to incorporate essential oils and herbs into our daily lives. One day after becoming a certified Herbalist and Aromatherapist she came up with the clever name: Quinntessentials. QUINNTESSENTIALS was born of necessity and crafted with intention in San Diego, CA.

Julie wanted every ingredient to be organic with no chemicals. Breath Sprays instead of gum and mints. Yoga Mat Spray to keep the yoga mat fresh and clean. Organic room & body sprays instead of fragrance. Organic anointing spray instead of perfume with chemicals. Organic muscle and bone healing salves and warming massage oils instead of menthol rubs. Sacred Anointing oil and chakra roll-ons to support a meditation practice. Hair Oil and Facial Serums with high antioxidants and zero chemicals to preserve and heal our skin and hair. What we put on our bodies is equally as important as what goes in.