Jade Yoga Harmony Natural Rubber Yoga Mat 68" 5mm
SKU: HARMONY PRO-368 | Product Code: 29989

Jade Yoga Harmony Natural Rubber Yoga Mat 68" 5mm

SKU: HARMONY PRO-368 | Product Code: 29989


  • Non-slip at stays slip-free even when wet
  • Offers stability and cushioning for maximum comfort and performance
  • Contains no PVCs or other ozone-depleting substances
  • Sustainable yoga mat made by emissions-free manufacturing
  • For every mat sold, Jade Yoga will plant a tree, for every Teal mat sold, Jade Yoga will donate $5 to ovarian cancer charities, for every Saffron mat sold, Jade Yoga will donate $5 to autism causes, for every Pink mat sold, Jade Yoga will donate $5 to breast cancer charities


  • Grip Type: Grip
  • Thickness: 5mm / 3/16 inch
  • Mat Structure: Open cell construction
  • Dimensions: 24" x 68"
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Materials: Natural Rubber
  • Care: Spray mat with natural yoga mat cleanser and air dry flat
  • Country of Origin: Made in the USA

About This Brand

Jade Yoga™ first launched its brand of yoga mats in 2002, but its true beginnings grew from Jade Industries, Inc., a company selling non-slip rubber mats in the 1970s. With some yogis already using the rug pads as yoga mats, it only made sense for Jade Industries, Inc. to branch off and begin specializing in yoga products.

Following a demonstration from the great B.K.S Iyengar, the problem with most yoga mats became painfully obvious, they were slippery. Not only did it make practicing yoga annoying, but it put the user at risk of injury. Sticking with the parent company's core values of using natural, high-quality materials, Jade Yoga began working fervently in 2000 to address this problem. After some initial testing and sampling, the overwhelming response they received ensured Jade Yoga was on a path to success.

From their tireless efforts, Jade Yoga's "Harmony" line was born, comfortable, non-slip, and all-natural. This is Jade Yoga's mantra, helping yogis find peace with their inner nature, through nature. The development of the world's first "green" yoga mat really happened by accident because they were actually focused on making the best functioning yoga mat. It was just a coincidence that natural rubber provided the best comfort and performance for yogis.

Every day Jade Yoga seizes the opportunity to invent products and reinvent themselves. Never being satisfied with what they have, they continue to push to do bigger and better things. Since their initial launch in 2002, they've gone on to make stability blocks, yoga towels, among other things. This expansion hasn't stopped them from keeping their promise. Through their partnership with Trees for the Future, Jade Yoga plants a tree for every yoga mat sold. They truly embody the idea of being "environmentally friendly" and take it to a new level and that's what you can expect from Jade Yoga.