Toesox Ivy Half Toe Grip Socks
SKU: S067 | Product Code: 8212390

Toesox Ivy Half Toe Grip Socks

SKU: S067 | Product Code: 8212390
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No-one said strong couldn’t also be feminine and the Toesox Ivy Half Toe Grip Socks is here to prove it. There’s something special about Ivy’s soft stretch velvet straps. More than just a pretty addition to these super grippy 5-toe socks, they also help keep your socks in place.


  • Arch band supports and comforts
  • High-density PVC grip sole
  • Soft organic cotton
  • Heel tab protects Achilles


  • Fabric: Sock content: 80% Organic Cotton, 16% Polyester, 4% Elastane Velvet Band Content: 95% Polyester, 5% Elastane
  • Country of Origin: Imported

About This Brand

Toe socks by ToeSox™ are better for your feet. For years, yogis have understood that spreading your toes creates a broader foundation on which to balance. A five toe sock design helps reinforce this knowledge, while also providing strength to your pose.

Toe socks help to spread your toes, strengthen your foot muscles, and increase blood circulation. Free-moving toes will help you leap higher, lunge deeper, and stride with confidence the way we born to. With a non-slip grip to keep you rooted to the ground, you'll be able to move more dynamically and conquer the most challenging movements without worry of any bunching, twisted and slipping.

ToeSox help to enhance your performance in a number of active sports. Barefoot runners can use the toe socks in minimalist shoes/barefoot running shoes. Yogis can strengthen their feet while practicing with toe socks. And avid sandal goers now have an option for wearing socks with sandals. From barefoot running to free running to wearing with shoes and sandals, ToeSox offers a number of options for your feet.

Get healthy, happy feet in ToeSox - they're like exercise for your feet™.